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Who is YahZarah? Superheroes DO exist. Some manage to carefully balance the worlds between human compassion and existential responsibility. Others simply reveal their incredible powers and humbly expose their incomparable strengths to the public. YahZarah is an example of such wonder. Beyond her incredible legacy in Web2 which includes being “Grammy Considered” in 6 categories as an indy artist for her 2010 project “The Ballad of Purple St. James”. YahZarah’s vocal credits include arrangement contributions to Erykah Badu’s classic album “Mama’s Gun” touring 7 years with the mother of Neo-Soul, and lending support vocals to rock god Lenny Kravitz’s “Strut Tour”, and most recently Madonna. She has also shared the stage with Prince, Anderson Paak, Outkast, and “The Legendary Roots Crew just to name a few. MI7 is a group conceived in love comprised of YahZarah and her longtime life partner Sunspot Foundation founder, mTkalla Keaton and much of their work centers that incredible feeling or romantic love, lust and fun. And a commitment to write about love in all its forms. But when YahZarah heard those horns ring out, she felt something different that had to be said. This song speaks from a deep authentic space of love… Regret… So, out of this love, and given the gun violence MI7 has witnessed across the country. Including a mass shooting in the city they reside in Brooklyn NY, they thought “Hour Glass” was an important song for the times. Its creation a source of great personal healing, for YahZarah as she pours her heart out pleadingly on the paper’s lines. This song is about her uncle John Henry he was a promising child prodigy pianist who at the age of 12 was diagnosed with schizophrenia. In her words. “We saw the signs that he was troubled but never really took that extra step of proper intervention when things started to get out of control. When he turned 27 he was granted a license to own a fire arm, he would later use to take his life with the family shot gun. His elderly father sitting in the next door living room on Thanksgiving day… The hurt to our family has been irreparable. When he was getting consistent care he was an incredibly gentle loving human being, but had been off his meds for sometime. We thought things would get better… They didn’t… This song is a story that isn’t old it changes casts repeatedly. Guns violence is a major problem in this country. And we have to do something about it. Some proceeds of “Hour Glass” will fund the “Black Emotional and Mental Health Collective” As well as “The Bitches Brew Grant” which will assist the minting and gas fees of a deserving black female/trans creative’s genesis NFT and onboarding into Web3. This NFT’s collector will receive a handwritten copy of the lyrics to “Hour Glass” YahZarah merch, access to YahZarah’s collectors site and a poapp that will grant them free entrance to “The Bitches Brew Experience”

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