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This is the the first Podcast NFT on Mint Songs V2 Additionally, this is my first - NFT on Ethereum Mainnet. ✨ - Full podcast NFT. 🎧 I've been releasing NFTs on Polygon since July 2021 (11 months ago). 📅 The original collector of this NFT gets: 1. NFT - MP4 visualization of the opening clip with open-captions (Polygon). 🎬 2. Up to 1 free NFT I've minted on Polygon. 🎁 3. Up to 1 guest feature (yourself or someone you look up to) on the On Chain Experiments Podcast. 🎙 This NFT uses 0xSplits: All primary sale revenue is split equally among the 12 members of the Mint Songs team including Nikki, Dwight, Nick, Jazii, Garrett, Curtis, Kam, Jeremy, Wayne, Nathan, Grant & myself. https://app.0xsplits.xyz/accounts/0xBE2A84B8d2b09Ba4b7B8B7173D7cD64D7838C1F9/

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