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Do For Me

Muzzy Bearr


"I have found that one of the best things for my mental has been to embrace the insanity, and channel it into something positive. For me, Disco & House music have always been styles of music that just make me happy. It’s easy to let the problems of the world fall away when you’re getting lost in creating something so uplifting and truly fun to make. Growing up in Detroit, the home of techno + Motown, and having embraced my identity in queerness over the past few years; it just feels like I can really embrace my most genuine self when I’m making the music made popular by the intersection of those communities. Disco Music is forever, House Music is forever, Detroit Music is forever." - an excerpt from an interview with Electric Hawk Very happy to be minting "Do For Me" as my first music NFT as part of the Mint Songs v2 cohort. The holder of this NFT will be able to claim 2 free tickets to any and all future Muzzy Bearr shows (provided they give me proper heads up), and the rights to remix "Do For Me" (I will send stems if requested). Thank you for considering and collecting!

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