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This is the second of four drops that I'm minting ahead of the Sweets collection. I've been working obsessively and very quietly on this project for the last 6 months and I've thought a ton about how to make this the most valuable NFT I've minted yet. Weeknights is about what I hope comes after death, a big family reunion. Perks for collectors: - Airdrop of 4 NFT's from the collection - Airdrop of "Collector Key" which gives access to my discord where I've been talking about the project and giving ~alpha~ Song Credits: Written/Produced/Mixed/Mastered: Lackhoney Visual Art Credits: Cover Art by Andrey Azizov @andreyazizov Initial Renders of Sweets Graphics by Albert @whybirdboy Lyrics: I told them I’m gonna live forever and a day, And when I die my body turn to gray, I’m gonna live forever and a day, And when I die, Dribbling ball walking up to the house and the street ways are shining like gold, I open the door walk up in it and then I put my feet all up on the couch, I’m laughing, I’m gassing grand-dadi’s around me I’m saying it’s good to be god, I tripped on the path it’s forgiven a given I get it it’s good to be home,

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