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This song saved me in one of the most difficult times I've ever been through due to anxiety. I believe that the love I feel for the people around me will always surpass any other feeling. Fear, uncertainty, pain, will never be more powerful than love... It was a week until April 28, the day my older sister had her birthday. I sat in front of the piano while in my mind I was fighting a battle, and each note, letter and melody, was healing my heart and my soul ... I felt that I took control of my feelings and my mind again ... I can't explain to you how much I cried when writing this song, because even though I made it to celebrate my sister's life, despite that the letter portrays how much I love her and how happy it makes me to have her, I needed to cry, cleanse my soul, recover the joy that characterizes me, hear harmony again in the beating of my heart, realize that everything was going to be okay. My older sister has been there for me since I can remember, she is my biggest fan, the one who never lets me down, and I wanted to write this song to tell her that I wouldn´t know what would become of me without her. The love I feel for my family took me out of a very dark moment, it made me realize that I exist to love, to make people happy... therefore, what this song collects I´m going to give to my sister , since she was the inspiration for this work and she need financial resources to continue fulfilling her dreams, to continue paying for her house. This time I want to help her, just as she has helped me without expecting anything in return, and I want to give back to the universe something that has given me these last few days: HEALTH. Whoever obtains this work is going to take with them a true artistic manifestation, some of my energy and my experience... this is what art is about: expressing, healing, connecting... I think this is one of the most genuine artistic manifestations that I have done in my life, and I know that the person who feels connected with this song is as special as I imagine. the person who obtains this nft will receive: -A unique song with soul and true artistic expression -A video of my sister's reaction when I show her the song and what we raised so she can continue paying for her house. -Access to the exclusive channel of collectors in my Discord

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