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Jam Session, Vol. X (featuring Abraham Joseph & AbJonian Sanders)



This is my latest iteration of my "jam session" series, which will be featured on my upcoming full-length, full stop release/concept album that I'm calling "The Good Foot Cafe". I'm recording this album in the same vein, all entirely in my new second home, Seattle, while simultaneously assembling a collection of musicians to help me tour and perform it on the west coast and overseas. I'm currently working on merch for said tour, as well as physical content like vinyl and cassettes, of which whoever collects this NFT will get their very own "Good Foot Cafe" pack with all these goodies and more. So, the concept of the album is a "night in the life" scenario:,the listener will partake in a narrative of a night at the Good Foot Cafe, a fictitious nightclub where my band and I host a night playing jams, freestyling and singing alongside performing our most popular songs we've taken on tour in a hip-hop forward, jazz-infused and inspired night. Start to finish, you're a fly on the wall as you listen to us set up and open doors, to starting out the night and warming up the crowd, witness with your ears various guests pull up and perform with us, a few moments where we're a little more full of ourselves off our chosen vices, and strongly encourage all those in attendance to put their "good foot" forward all night. This particular track instrumentally covers the vibe of the whole record in one take, serving as a preface/sneak peek at what the album will sound like...

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