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No Quarrels



From the perspective of AYOTEMI: Setting - The Mint Songs x Chill Pill IRL Web 3 Extraveganzza - The Record Plant Studio in Los Angeles - Same place Pharell heard Kanye's Legendary "Through the Wire" as shown the "Jeen Yus" documentary. Mission - Make a song tonight and mint it TONIGHT.----- There we were, a room full of artists and producers. Sonder. Each, but a side character in one another's hero's journey. A galaxy of galaxies made of stardust. On a stage, backs against the wall, looking ahead at a spotlight pointed at a single spot. "Perform" whispered the stale air in the room. "I fucking love this" my inner child screamed. I saw a room full of playmates, all i was expected to do was play?? Joy. I stayed composed waiting for the music to start. "Why don't we all introduce ourselves and say why we're here." A young man with blue hair stood beside me (immediate ally, he'd sensed my indigo energy and walked over to me when he entered the room) he was the first to answer, "I'm Kevin George, and I'm here for the vibes." We smiled and laughed. What a simple purpose, barely an objective. It reminded us all that this was a space for us be free, express, and be creative and most importantly that we too, were there for said vibes! One by one we introduced ourselves, making sure to point out that we were no exception to our collective mission, the vibes. The merriment began as I plucked a chorus for us from the ether. "I'm here for the vibes" sang as an african chant over pop production. It was mystical.Creative energy filled the room as we all tuned inwards for what we could lovingly contribute - This is when I met Daktyl, an unassuming character, who still carried the weight of Legend. Like a cruise ship sailing through the breeze. "Aw shit" my inner child exclaimed with joy. He takes out a guitar and begins to swim. Weaving through my harmonies and coating the track with a warm glaze of harp-like melodies - i said what i said - He continued to solo and then as decisively as the clock strikes the new hour, he unplugs making space for contribution from another. Humble - clean - clear. "This dude is crazy" I thought to myself. After we finish the song Daktyl and I greet each other and share our mutual respect for our craft. I let Daktyl know that the previous day I'd decided to live in LA - crazy - and he told me he had a studio in the city. We arranged a session - Now one thing I learn about Daktyl immediately upon entering his space is that he is a madman. I stepped into a room filled from wall to wall with instruments of all kinds, keys, drums, strings, ancient, state of the art, knobs. Bloody candyland in this man's apartment. He later shares with me that he doesn't purchase a new instrument or piece of gear until he's at least "semi-mastered" everything he has... No Quarrels was born during the second session after his return from a trip to Brazil and my 4 month crusade through LA. We made this song from scratch in an hour - Utilizing my soon to be infamous ultra-punch-in technique and his cacophony of knobs and keys. This is perfect flow. This is harmony, void of quarrels. Hope you enjoy - and thank you Mint Songs for introducing us. FULL CIRCLE.

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