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Skin (Remastered)

Boy Untitled


"Skin" is a world-inspired, indie-dance track that invites listeners to let go of fear, embrace love and celebrate themselves. Written about Boy Untitled's experience growing up queer and unaccepted in a Christian home, this song is a "victory anthem for all of us" that champions the true power of loving ourselves. It’s about the state of ecstasy that is felt when we allow ourselves to shed old layers and embrace all of the pieces - light and dark - that make us who we are. Originally released in 2019, "Skin" was the lead single from Boy Untitled's debut, self-titled EP, and his most listened-to track to date. Today, it has been fully remastered with new cover art to celebrate the launch of MintSongs v2 Marketplace, making this NFT a completely unique, never-before-heard version of the song. For more information on Boy Untitled, visit www.boyuntitled.com. Written by Mark Cramer, Rush Davis, and Daniel Shyman. Produced by Daniel Shyman. Mixed by Sebastian Apolinario. Remastered by Rob Kleiner. Cover Art by Felipe Nogueira.

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