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Sound of Fractures


Dream is an anthem for fresh starts and the beginning of new chapters in life. Written during a period of writing in my studio when I was longing for those summer moments following the dire Covid years, reminiscing whilst gazing out the window imagining catching up with friends, and cars blasting tunes out of open windows. ‘Dreams’ encapsulates the time of year when everyone is full of optimism and hope, almost as if the slate has been wiped clean and our minds are freed from the weight of the past and anxiety, a time where anything feels possible. The creative process was emphatic and uplifting, and I hope it will provide the same feeling for listeners. Dream is the second single from my forthcoming EP, it will be released on all DSPs on the 15th June. You will be able to watch the song roll out in real time, and will get access to the behind the scenes of the release. The title of the next ep is IRL, and because of this I wanted to add in my first experience to go with an NFT. Not to add value or raise the price, but because I want to build relationships with collectors and bring them into my world. Collector can choose from: 1. Back to back desert island discs music chat and listening session 2. Behind the scenes production workshop 3. Accompany me on virtual exhibition tour https://museumofportablesound.com/education/groups/ All Sound of Fractures NFT collectors get access to: RealFrensDao, private twitter chat and gated Discord

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