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"Telephone"  Performed by TAROT Written by Jordyn Benedict Produced by Tate Gardner and Blake Burchette  Mixed by Nick Laz Mastered by Gentry Studer This is a single that is yet to be released on all streaming platforms this summer. The cover art you see is just a placeholder...the collector of this 1-1 will get you a seat on the soul tribe of course, and mailed a nice print of the official cover art to be seen before anyone else. The sales will be split amongst the five collaborators on the song and a percentage will be put back towards the Tarot Astral Realm community! I am starting the bid at 0.99 ETH because of the meaning behind the number 99. The angel number 99 symbolizes the closing of one door, and the opening of the next. Be ready to welcome abundance and opportunity, as a new phase of life has begun. I hope this song fills you with nostalgia. To reflect on where you come from and visualize where you're going. x 

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