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Can You Let Me In? (feat. Melodie Wagner)



‘Can You Let Me In?’ shows the loving, empathetic side of X&ND that believes that diving deeper into a relationship will cure the numbing feeling of loneliness that he expressed in his debut single ‘Lonely’. Whereas previously he would continue the cycle of familiar toxic love, X&ND reaches out for a lifeline in the depths hoping for a reciprocated feeling, saying; “I want to hold you when everything’s falling...if you’re feeling the same, I need to know”. This intimate conversation shows a man who is ready for love, if only it would be ready for him in return. Produced by Harrison Wood, ‘Can You Let Me In?’ fuses the synthpop origins heard in his previous single with the RnB and soul elements that raised him. The track is X&ND’s first offering of 2022 and the second track leading up to his debut album, XANDYLAND set for later this year. The record also features lyrics and performance from Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter, Melodie Wagner (Gimme Your Love, Stan Walker; This Is What’s Important, Billy Davis). Can You Let Me In? cover art features a 1/1 collaboration with naridarbandi.

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