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Truth is Bliss



Truth is Bliss! My friend "Dippa" according to his license plate was like, "Wait, you're moving? You have so many paintings, etc. can I a few?" Me: Yeah G, maybe for some extra cash or whatever. Take them all please, there's more coming. Him: Have you seen my new car? He rolls up in this lowrider and we're bumping The Chronic 2001 in the hood bouncing up and down with the hydraulics. He pulls out his iPhone 3 or whatever was happening at the time and he's like, "Sit on the car I'm only taking one picture for your future album cover". So... now this is part of an album? What album? Just you wait and hear. It's done. I've been stacking my discography O_O p.s. I'm working on a 3 foot by 3 foot painting which will be my next full album release. There is only one physical copy available obviously. My first painting of the same size sold via Bitcoin to anonymous for $1k (USD) BTC in 2017 after my first festival performance at Shambhala Music Festival in Canada. The painting/artwork will be a painting on the ETH blockchain, I don't know how many digital copies will exist {insert_screenshot_nft_joke}, but there's only one physical copy and I have even more of my paintings around the house so GOTTA CATCH EM ALL. Shoulda HOLD'd eh? Well I paid RENT that month. Utility: NONE! Jk. You can have another free music NFT and prebidness and potential "WL" of sorts to the painting once the masterpiece is done. Painting will be shipped professionally and you will have to sign for it. YOU have to sign for it, not your neighbor, etc. Let's keep it 10000% shall we? That's also the ROI I aim for. In the event of Infinati death* said, painting is already being worked on and someone will ship it to you. Art is never done. (((INFINATI LOVE)))) There's previews of it if you follow me on Twitter @infinatimusic - Just stay in touch for when multiple albums and the painting will come out. Shoulda coulda woulda done it again. TRUTH IS BLISS! DON'T GET LOST IN THE DETAILS! <3

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