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Juice Bruns


Tiny Anthem and I connected last summer (2021) via Instagram after he discovered my music on Spotify. Right from the jump, we saw how well our musical styles and personalities would complement each other. Tiny Anthem is a Copenhagen based musician, producer, artist, and a quality human being. "Mastermind" was the first song we created together, back in the fall of 2021. Since then, we have created over 7 songs and are constantly working on new material. It's been an incredible experience making music with him thus far, and I know it is only the start of our collaborative journey. I am incredibly grateful for his efforts and honored to call him a friend. Artist Bio’s: Juice Bruns is a rapper and artist from Baltimore, Maryland with a versatile sound and catalog. He is most known for his unique flow, lyricism, and resilient energy within his music. Over the past six years, he's performed many headlining shows and has opened for artists such as Black Bear, Dave East, Pete Rock & CL Smooth, Ab-Soul, and many others. Juice continues to collaborate with a variety of musicians and experiment with new sounds and styles. Tiny Anthem is the moniker of Danish musician and producer Peter Monrad. After years of playing bass and guitar in various Danish bands and touring with other Danish artists, he started writing and producing his own music. Music that reflects his musical upbringing on 90s hiphop, classic soul, jazz and funk while giving it his own unique sound. Tiny Anthem plays all instruments and produces the tracks at home from his Copenhagen flat. Artwork by: Juice Bruns

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