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I believe Music NFTs are all about freedom. Setting the artist free from having to fulfill labels’ expectations to fit with their catalog. Free from legacy systems. Freedom for artists' expression and a space for artistic experimentation. In the spirit of freedom, I’ve decided to do my genesis 1/1 drop on the 4th of July. The story behind the creation is about freedom too. I was asked to produce music for the trailer soundtrack of a game. I was given some reference music and I started off with the main element – the arpeggio. Everything evolved naturally around it. I was in the moment and in the mood for experimenting with synthesis techniques and I took quite a different direction from what they were expecting me to deliver. However, I was happy with the final result and decided to keep the music for myself and ended up producing another soundtrack for them. As for the utility of this 1/1 NFT, if you’re the collector, you’ll receive future airdrops of new material from me + you can choose to get 1 of the following: - Receive all the music stems of this NFT and be able to remix it. You might mint the result if you want. - Get on Zoom with me to receive mixing advice and/or composition guidance on your current project. If you aren’t exactly a producer then we can have a chat about something else ☺ Last but not least, to explore the new feature called "Finders Fee" and incentivize you I’ve set a Finders Fee of 10% meaning if the winning bid came from your unique link then you’ll automatically receive 0.05 ETH in your wallet. Generate your unique link on https://findersfeefinder.xyz/ and share it with whoever you think might be interested in collecting. Happy 4th of July!

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