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SpaceyBlurr and Infinati go way back a decade and are basically neighbors. We have always jammed, but struggled to collab properly, until 2022 when our lives changed forever. Our music production skills got exponentially better and it became a breeze. We took turns on the same computer. Say SpaceyBlurr did a part for 30 minutes, then Infinati would add to it, repeating the process until we finished an entire collab album. The story behind is contact with aliens, who just so happens to be us. This track is called Slippin’, as we went deep into the rabbit hole of music production, with custom synthesis, and experimental bass music. We both realized we couldn’t have made these collabs by ourselves, and are really happy with the results. SpaceyBlurr also has some NFT’s on the Factory section of MintSongs. He is also an amazing VJ for major music festivals, smaller shows, or even tiny shows in the Infinati studio (Infinati Labs). Utilities included are NFT art collectibles, and other Infinati music airdrops! Although you can find us on streaming platforms, this is a 1/1 NFT. We are aiming to establish a stronger connection with our fans. For now just sit back and enjoy the show. “We Are Approaching”, and coming to a festival near you.

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