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Infinati: Music for the Third Ear. Air. One of the most basic things I could ask for in life. I suppose there’s a background story to every instrumental song. Perhaps some things are better left unsaid. I call it electronic folk, but for now just close your eyes and listen. I remember singing that “vocal loop” into the mic and it felt really good. Everything is custom sound design, besides the drums which are inspired by my love for hip-hop. The 808 kick gets wild. When played on a large sound system, prepare to be floored. This was written during a rush of inspiration alongside 7 other tracks. I make art in general. Owner of this NFT will get digital Infinati collectibles on the blockchain. Sometimes they’re doodles, animations, vector art, etc. I like to think of it as you’re my friend and I’m giving you a painting per se and a further glimpse into my psyche, and life in general. When I play a show in your town you’re going backstage and getting in for free. +2 so you can invite your significant other, or parent if you’re somehow obtaining this NFT as a child! Ha. Available on streaming platforms worldwide on 6/21/22, but there’s only one NFT! P.s. New full length is basically done. 96bpm E minor.

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